Personalized Embroidered Patches


​The RI MML provides access to the Brother PE540 embroidery machine. With the 2D, additive technology students are encouraged to develop custom content or convert images to CAM files utilizing Sew Art, a third party software used to develop the appropriate stitch files (PES).  


With a 4x4 inch build area, students can experiment with conversion of digital artwork into physical form.


Software is installed locally on the RI MML laptops, though raster files are easily imported.














  • Exposure to design process

  • Exposure to design/fabrication problem solving

  • Understanding the general functions & interface of embroidery machines

  • Understanding of the general functions & interface of SewArt software

  • Knowledge of industry applications and/or jobs

Cohort Size:

Two embroidery machines accomodate a cohort of 2-4 active participants. Depending on cohort size, participants can work individually or in pairs.


  1. Students enter trailer and are given a description of Machine Embroidery technology and how it works.

  2. Students use SewArt to choose a design or create their own design.

  3. After completing their designs, students will use the same SewArt software to send their designs to the embroidery machine and start the embroidery process.

  4. Students will then chose their thread color and fabric, setup the embroidery machine (assisted by MML staff if needed), and start embroidering.

  5. Once all embroidery is completed, students will receive a follow-up overview of the machine embroidery process and there will be time for questions.

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Personalized Embroidered Patches

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