Multi-Step Flower Fabrication

Facility: RI Mobile Maker Lab (RI MML)

Program: Introduction to 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, and Vinyl Cutting


Instruction: Seth Wiseman (

Intern: Sam DiGasper (

Technician: Chase Reynolds (


Targeting seventy minutes of hands-on, experiential learning, students will produce a flower from parts made with a variety of digital fabrication technologies, as well as an array of materials. Leveraging 3D printers, laser & knife cutters, students will fabricate and assemble flowers comprised of component parts:

  1. Roots/stems/branches (Laser Cutter)

  2. Leaves (Knife Cutter)

  3. Flowers (3D Printer)


In an effort to integrate in to the specified curriculum, we select plants commonly found in New England climate: violet, daisy & mayflower.


*Note: The intent is for students to work concurrently at the stations below. At some point throughout the process slowdowns & bottlenecks may occur requiring patience & teamwork.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Knowledge of design process

  • Knowledge of manufacturing process

  • Exposure to digital fabrication/ CNC technology

  • Experience assembling parts/ systems

  • Exposure to problem solving

  • Success translating ideas into physical form​


Station One: Flowers

Technology: 3D Printer

Material: PLA Plastic

Description: Utilizing FDM printers, students select & print a pre-designed flower in the color of their choice.

Station Two: Leaves

Technology: Vinyl Cutter

Material: Paper Cardstock

Description: Utilizing the desktop knife cutter, students select & cut pre-designed leaves in the color of their choice.

Station Three: Roots/Stems/Branches   

Technology: Laser Cutter

Material: ⅛” Luan and/or Birch Plywood

Description: Using a desktop laser cutter, students select & cut pre-designed root/stem/branch components which will receive the flowers & leaves produced in station one & two.

Station Four: Assembly

Technology: N/A

Material: Masking Tape and/or Hot Glue

Description: Combining the component parts from the previous stations, students assemble & complete their flowers.

Multi-Step Flower Fabrication

Composite Carbon/Glass Fiber Plaques


Packaging & Branding

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