Laser Engraved Images


Utilizing the Glowforge laser cutter, a crowd-funded, desktop tool participants use heat to remove material from sheet stock (wood, leather, fabric, etc) with precision & speed. To accelerate the learning cycle, participants, assisted by RI MML personnel, develop creative content by capturing a GROUP image on a cell phone.  Manipulating the image in a pixel-based application, the image is prepared for output via Glowforge’s cloud-based software, an intuitive platform that quickly converts designs to physical form.


*Note: The goal in tackling this technology as a GROUP is to provide exposure to the technology rather than hands-on experience. This allows the lesson to be partnered with other, more time-intensive projects & technologies.














  • Exposure to design process + workflow

  • Understanding the general functions & interface of a laser cutter (Glowforge)

  • Knowledge of industry applications and/or jobs


Target Cohort:

One laser cutter accommodates approximately six (6) viewers. Designs/images may be cut individually or in batches. The intent is for students to view the process while working on other projects/ technologies.


The workstation includes one desktop laser + recirculating hepa air scrubber. Please note, given the limited area of the facility, technology selection may impact programming.



  1. Upon entry, students are provided an overview of CNC technology, specifically Glowforge’s desktop laser cutter.

  2. RI MML Personnel assist with capturing an image of the cohort (group).

  3. RI MML Personnel manipulate images in preparation for output on the laser cutter

  4. Participants can assist with material integration, while familiarizing themselves with the physical technology.

  5. Participants hit “Go” & watch as objects are revealed line by line.

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Laser Engraved Images

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