Laser Cutters


The RI MML provides access to the Glowforge Laser Printer, a crowd-funded, desktop tool that uses laser cutter/engraver technology to shape wood, leather, fabric & other materials. With precision & speed, the subtractive technology utilizes heat to quickly manipulate a variety of materials. Glowforge’s cloud-based software is intuitive & provides feeds & speed whatever the material.


Students are introduced to the technology & workflow through projects & demonstration as determined by student count, time & outcome.


*Two machines + HEPA air scrubber

Software is available online, whether remotely or while on the Lab (Login credentials required)


Please Follow These Instructions:

  • Go to

  • Input login credentials (provided by MML staff)

  • Select “Upload”

  • Choose your image for engraving

  • Position the image over an open portion of material (Glowforge camera shows a real-time image of the material in the machine bed)

  • Confirm material type and thickness in Glowforge app

  • Activate HEPA air scrubber (power button on front of machine)

  • Press “print” in Glowforge app

  • Press glowing button on laser cutter

Please Consider These Guidelines:

  • Pictures that work well are clipart, silhouettes, logos

  • Two-color images are easier to convert

  • JPEGs are the optimal starting file type

  • Please save a copy of your image or URL in a convenient, accessible spot which we can access when you visit the RI MML


Check out the Glowforge Laser Cutter before we arrive!

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Laser Cutters

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