Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a visit from the Mobile Maker Lab?
If you would like to schedule a visit from the Mobile Maker Lab at your school or community event contact us today and let us know why you are interested.
How do you select where the Mobile Maker Lab travels?

Sites on the Mobile Maker Lab trail are ultimately determined by the location's interest and the lab's availability. Click here to see where we've already had the pleasure of visiting.

How much does it cost for the lab to come to my school?

Nothing! Currently, funding from RI Dept. of Labor and Training and our sponsors allows us to offer programming at no cost. To learn more about our sponsors click here

Who will be working with our students?

All staff working in the lab and classrooms are required to complete a RI BCI. Visit the About page of this website to meet the Mobile Maker Lab team. 

What is the scope of the projects?

Projects with the RI MML range in scope. Standard lessons are less intensive than custom lessons, however custom lessons provide more contextualized information. For a better idea of how the types of lessons differ, please refer to our standard and custom lesson plans on the Programs page of this website.

Is there some preparation work we can do before the lab arrives?

This depends on the lesson. Standard lessons require no preparation, however it can be helpful for students to have an idea of what they are participating in before they are thrown into it. Depending on the complexity of a custom plan, some preparation might be necessary. This will be discussed during initial correspondence with Mobile Maker Lab Staff.

How many students do you recommend in the trailer at a time?

The Mobile Maker Lab is housed in a 28' x 8' trailer. It can accommodate cohorts of around 8 - 12 students (recommended cohort size is 10 students or less).

How long do you estimate each group will be in the trailer?

We can arrange custom lessons that can span any amount of time. For a cohort of 8-10 students running a standard lesson, the average session is approximately 30 - 45 minutes.

Where can I find information about the size and dimensions of the trailer?

Information about the trailer can be found on the About page of this website or click here to download a PDF of the dimensions.

Are you hiring?

Email us at to send us your resume and tell us why you're interested! We work with both high school and college interns and are always looking for people that are good fit with the mobile maker team.​​​​​​​​

Contact us if you have any additional questions.