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Utilizing Inventables cloud-based software Easel, students will design & develop custom 8”x8” plaques for output on the desktop CNC routers know as Carveys. Note, each advisory is asked to setup an Easel profile to provide students access to the software. This will ensure that the files are stored in a common area & Advisors can ensure students have prepared their files.


Much like a common word processing software, students can add content to their plaques via the design interface on the left side of the Easel UI screen. The right side of the Easel UI screen represents the Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) output. Students can see a real time preview of their objects as executed on the Carvey.                                                                                                                


Please Follow These Instructions:

  • Go to Easel Inventables

  • Login utilizing the credentials provided by your advisor/teacher

  • Select “New Projects”

  • Replace “Untitled” with your name   

  • Click on the Material button in the toolbar (right hand side) & select MDF from the drop-down menu

  • In the Material Dimensions windows input the following: X= 6in, Y= 6in, Z= 0.5in

  • Click in the Bit box & select one of the following: 1/8th inch or 1/16th inch

    • The smaller the bit the finer the detail (resolution), but the longer the run time

    • The larger the bit the lesser the detail (resolution), but the faster the run time

    • Note: If some of your part disappears as a result of your Bit selection try reducing the bit size or increasing the scale of the object.

  • Begin designing your part by using the toolbar objects:

    • Shapes, text, icons, etc

  • Highlight your design objects by clicking on components individually or dragging your cursor across the objects while pressing the left mouse button.

  • Upon highlighting your objects you can reduce the depth of the cut

    • Depth cuts should not exceed ¼”

  • Play with the Outline & Fill commands to understand how those features work

  • Simulate your run time by pressing the button in the lower left corner


Please Consider These Guidelines:

  • Run time should not exceed 25 minutes

    • Reduce depth of cut to reduce time

    • Reduce content to reduce time

    • Increase bit diameter to reduce time

  • Be sure to include a name (your first and last name) on the file. Files are automatically saved assuming there is a reliable internet connection.

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