CNC Routed Plaques


Leveraging the “Carvey,” a desktop CNC* router, along with Inventable’s cloud-based CAD/CAM software, Easel, students design & mill 6”x6” personalized plaques. Similar to an electric drill, CNC routers are a computer controlled, subtractive technology that removes material in three axi: X (side to side), Y (front to back) and Z ( up and down). The technology uses an end mill bit to carve various materials, creating customized designs.


Depending on student skill-level, interests, & time, content & program delivery can be adapted to accommodate a variety of schedules. As a target, each student, or pair of students, will walk away with a personalized plaque once milling is complete.


*Note: Computer numerically controlled (CNC)















  • Exposure to design process

  • Exposure to design/fabrication problem solving

  • Understanding the general functions & interface of a CNC router (Carvey)

  • Understanding of the general functions & interface of CAD/CAM software (Easel)

  • Knowledge of industry applications and/or jobs

Cohort Size:

Six CNC routers can accommodate a cohort of 6-12 participants. Depending on the cohort size, participants may work individually or in pairs.


The RI MML may be outfitted with up to six Carveys via two mobile workstations.  Please note, given the limited area of the facility, technology selection may impact programming.


  1. Upon entry, students are provided an overview of CNC technology, specifically CNC routers

  2. Students access Easel via RI MML login credentials & prepare designs for output

  3. RI MML Personnel assist & guide students with output parameters: bit diameter, step-over, depth-of-cut, material, scale, etc.

  4. Depending on the program duration, students may watch their plaques to completion. Otherwise, plaques are provide to teachers or available for pick-up later in the day.

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CNC Routed Plaques

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