The Mobile Maker Lab is a hands-on, mobile, learning platform exposing students to technologies associated with 21st Century manufacturing. Leveraging digital tools, students engage in project based learning that align with a variety of career opportunities.


A public/private partnership, the RI Mobile Maker Lab works throughout the State to advance collaboration with schools & businesses by connecting student learning to real-world experiences through field trips & site visits.


Focused on the K-12 arena, the platform also engages with a wide array of organizations & community groups.

Our Mission

The Mobile Maker Lab aims to expose students, educators, and Rhode Island residents to technologies associated with 21st Century manufacturing, giving them hands-on experience with digital tools and project based learning.


Our Vision

We believe all people should have access to 21st Century technology, project based learning, and real world experiences so they can explore a wide variety of career opportunities and start defining their future.

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