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In preparation for your RI Mobile Maker Lab (MML) visit, students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with objects & models that are typically available for free at (Thingiverse is a website dedicated to the sharing of user-created digital design files licensed under the the GNU General Public License or Creative Commons licenses.) Students are encouraged to find an object of their choice or design their own object at & download an STL file, which is compatible with 3D printers. The RI MML team will work with students on the Lab to setup the files & complete the print.


Please Follow These Instructions:

  • Go to

  • Under the “Explore” tab select from one of the organizational items

    • Recommended tabs: Things, Groups, Collections, Categories, etc

  • After perusing the site, select one object that interests you

  • The STL file (required for 3D printing) can be found under the “Thing Files” tab

  • Click on the file & it should automatically download.

    • If a STL file is not available, please find an alternate file

  • Please upload your file to the Google folder & place it in the “3D Printer” subfolder

    • Files should be named: student last name_file name.STL


Please Consider These Guidelines:

  • Don’t pick an item that is required to be printed at a specific size. Files will be scaled down to align with the time limits of your visit. (EX: Phone Case)

  • The smaller the part the lesser the detail. The larger the better the detail.

    • Detail = resolution

  • Note, files with multiple parts that require assembly typically take more time to print.

  • Please insure the selected items are appropriate for the setting


See a Lulzbot Mini (RI MML 3D printers) in Action

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